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We recommend you compress your work before sending, so that it will upload faster and be easier to track. If using a PC, WinZip® or Stuffit® work well, or on a MAC, Stuffi®t and Zipi®t work nicely. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

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Files over 400MB should be burned to CD/DVD and mailed to us.

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We will gladly send you samples of our work. Please use the form below or - better yet - talk to one of our Account Executives to help you get the samples that are of most interest to you.

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Asian and European printers measure in millimeters (mm) and grams per square meter (gsm). Standards vary from country to country, but this chart will give you some indication of equivalency.

Converting US and Asian/European Paper Weights

Gloss and Matte Coated Art Paper for Interior
Metric US
(Matte Finish)
(Gloss Finish)
80 gsm 54 lb 651 ppi 726 ppi
90 gsm 61 lb 610 ppi 755 ppi
100 gsm 68 lb 546 ppi 605 ppi
120 gsm 82 lb 454 ppi 535 ppi
150 gsm 101 lb 340 ppi 405 ppi
180 gsm 122 lb 280 ppi 332 ppi


Uncoated "Woodfree" Papers
Metric US
80 gsm 54 lb 552 ppi
90 gsm 61 lb 528 ppi
100 gsm 68 lb 462 ppi
120 gsm 81 lb 380 ppi
140 gsm 95 lb 320 ppi



Soft Cover Papers
Metric US
200 gsm 10 pt
250 gsm 12 pt
300 gsm 15 pt
350 gsm 16 pt







Hard Cover Binding Boards
Metric US
Weight Thickness
1800 gsm 32 oz 2.6 mm 88 pt
2000 gsm 36 oz 2.8 mm 92 pt
2100 gsm 40 oz 3.0 mm 98 pt
2400 gsm 48 oz 3.4 mm 140 pt







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