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Tap into our experience in the world of fine printing, top-notch binding and professional design. Our team brings know-how from over 6500 print projects to your publishing adventure, spanning two and a half decades and three continents.

We admit it... We love printing. We love to be the trusted partner on your project; from concept to distribution.

In order to prepare for your journey, please browse the information filed under the tabs at the left side of this page. We welcome your inquiries via phone or email.

We also invite you to browse our on-line gallery.

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Innerworkings™. is your gateway to international printing excellence! Now you can talk with someone who understands your needs during regular business hours. Our partnership makes printing around the world as easy and convenient as printing around the corner!

A Compelling Price Advantage

It is no secret that printing full color books in East Asia is amazingly affordable. If cost containment is critical to your publishing adventure, you must print internationally. Innerworkings™ can help you overcome all challenges inherent to international business and manufacturing.

Exceptional Printing and Binding

Our international partners use state-of-the art printing equipment to give you the highest print quality. To become a press operator in Asia takes many years of intense study and apprenticeship.

Top Quality Materials

We set certain minimum standards for paper and binding materials to ensure exceptional quality. Our paper excels in brightness and opacity.
We work together to exceed your expectations with every order.

Complete Pre-press Service in Grand Rapids, MI

Our Grand Rapids staff pre-flights your files at no charge before uploading to the international printing facility. This ensures compatibility and avoids costly delays. Our production department can answer your questions during every phase of your project.

All the Information You Need to Make Intelliigent Purchasing Decisions

Quotes are expressed in familiar terminology. Paper samples are available at no charge. Financial arrangements are up-front, clear and agreed upon before the order is placed. Toll-free telephone assistance is available from 8:30am to 5:00pm EST at 1-800-603-2823



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Efficient and simple solutions to anything related to print is what you will find in your relationship with Innerworkings™. We take care of all technical details, logistics and worries behind the scenes.

Print Management

Innerworkings™ provides you with a worry-free print experience. From proofs to press checks to fulfillment, our extensive experience in print management ensures that your project is completed on time, within budget, and with the quality you expect. Many of our clients consider retaining Innerworkings™ a better alternative over having in-house design and print procurement staff. We bring all expertise necessary for a project without any associated overhead.

Independent Print Facility Representation

Innerworkings™ independently represents several print facilitiesin the West Michigan region. Our experienced account executives match your requirements with the plants that have the capabilities to best produce your project.

Competitive Pricing

Innerworkings™ has its own estimator in each of these print facility. Our high volume with our print partners gives you an appreciable pricing advantage.

PreMedia Services

Our PreMedia engineers pre-flight all files to guarantee press compatibility. We also have the talent and resources to design a project from scratch.

Other Products and Services

While our core business is "putting ink on paper", we do not stop there. Please do not hesitate to ask about other products and services that may be of interest to you.

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Unless you have a very specific requirement, our suggested paper selections generally gives you the best quality at the most attractive price. We offer both gloss and matte coated acid-free art paper in various weights. We now also offer FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) papers, both at our domestic and international plants.

Samples and Swatches

We gladly supply you with free swatches of paper and cover materials for your consideration. Before we start production, we can make a complete white dummy to the exact specifications of your book. This tremendously helpful tool will show you exactly what the final product will look and feel like.

Pounds vs. Grams

For your convenience, paper weights will be expressed both in gsm (grams per square meter) and lbs (#) - the US equivalent. In addition, we will advise the PPI (Pages Per Inch). This determines the thickness of your book block. For a chart of the most common paper weights and their equivalents, please vist the Client Area of our site.

Binding Options

We offer every type of binding, including hard cover, soft cover, leather binding, spiral binding, concealed wire binding, in-line glued binding and hand binding. The options and materials are endless. Please contact your account executive to discuss how we can optimize your publication.


These are the papers that are pasted down to the inside front and back cover and form the hinge of the text block to the cover. Endsheets are not commonly used on soft cover books. Endpapers can be printed. The paper can be plain white or a specialty stock.

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At our initial consultation, we establish the correct production specifications for the project. We understand the areas where cost savings can be realized without compromise to the quality and durability of your publication.

A Fair Bidding Process

Innerworkings™ runs proprietary software to obtain competitive quotations from multiple print partners who meet the criteria for your specific project. This assures a level playing field for all parties. Our fees for print management are paid by the printers on a 100% commission basis.

A la Carte Options

We understand the importance of offering you a variety of options in an a la carte fashion. This allows you to select the most appealing options your budget allows.





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Logisitics management from our production plant to your door is as important as quality printing. Costs associated with shipping cartons, pallets and your warehouse requirements are all part of a successful project.

Ocean Freight, US Customs and Land-bridge Freight

You don’t have to worry about ocean containers, customs documentation and freight forwarding. We arrange final delivery right to your door. Our customer base also allows us to consolidate orders for reduced shipping rates. Shipping from the Far East takes approximately five weeks.

Airfreight Option

We also offer airfreight service if your schedule is pressing. Shipments via air take about five days. Due to the high cost, this option should be exercised only in emergency situations.

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Our financial arrangements protect both you and the manufacturers. Innerworkings™ offers two secure financial transaction models. Both protect you as a buyer and our international partners as sellers.

International Orders

95% of our clients make a 50% downpayment at the start of each order based on a pro-forma invoice of anticipated charges. Before shipping, we send you three advance book copies for inspection. If the work meets your approval, we invoice you for the balance. Upon receipt of your payment the shipping documents are released and the project begins its journey to your final destination.

A small percentage of our orders are secured via an International Letter of Credit. Please consult with your account executive about details and associated fees.

Sometimes import fees, such as a randow US Customs examination of a container, may be incurred and these will be payable by the final consignee. Printed matter is imported into the US duty-free.

There are no exception to these terms.

We accept payment by check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express (all credit card payments solely via Pay Pal) All rates are shown in U.S. funds.

Domestic Orders

Our terms of business are net 30 from date of invoice with approved credit.
A client must be a US Corporation in business for no less than 10 years to be eligible for an Open Account.

Our Compensation

Unless specifically retained for consultation only, Innerworkings™ is compensated by the designated printer(s) on a commission-only basis.

Terms and Conditions

For a full disclosure of Terms and Conditions of Sale, please click here.

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B elow are our most frequently asked questions. Most of these relate to our international operations. We welcome your inquiries. Please email or call us if you have any questions or concerns.


Q: Is printing overseas really that much less expensive than domestically?

A: Yes, the savings are significant. We have many testimonies from clients who saved 40% or more after transportation cost.

Q: What products are best suited for international printing?

A: Ideally suited for international printing are:

  • Art books
  • Full color catalogs
  • Full color hard and soft cover books
  • Calendars
  • Children’s books
  • Die-cut board books
  • CD and DVD replication
  • Bibles (i.e., very thin paper)
  • Greeting cards
  • Puzzles
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Q: We need only a small quantity of a full color book. Do you handle small orders?

A: We can produce hard and soft cover books in quantities as low as 300 copies. We have printed small children’s books with as few as 32 pages.
Even at these very low press runs, our art books are offset printed, not digitally reproduced.

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Q: What about quality? Do you guarantee high quality?

A: With HeuleGordon, Inc. your investment in print is secure and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have procured outstanding printing for many years in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. Our partner plants operate the most advanced equipment and their employees receive extensive training. Quality control is our foremost concern. Reproduction of artwork is not an exact science. While every attempt is made to match the original art as closely as possible, some variation in color reproduction and some loss of details is to be expected. We will not proceed with a project until you fully understand and agree to the limitations of art reproduction.


Your project will be printed in four-color process using offset printing technology. Offset printing provides the highest quality of any volume printing process, but it is not an exact science. While your project is produced on state-of-the-art equipment  and printed to the most precise specifications, it is not possible to exactly re-create color or fine detail found in original works of  art. Therefore, some reduction in reproductive quality is unavoidable and to be expected. We can assure you our systems are  color profiled and calibrated so as to reproduce the CMYK values in the digital files as accurately as possible, using industry  standard CMYK ink densities. Monitors and printers vary from brand to brand; what you see on your monitor or printout may not be what we see. Our  Final Color Proof will be your best indicator of the color you may expect when your final printed project is delivered. It is our  goal not just to meet, but exceed your expectations.

Do you offer stochastic screening?

A: Yes, we offer both AM and FM stochastic printing and, in fact, most of our coffeetable style books now use this exciting technology. For an interesting article on stochastic printing, please click here.

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Q: What is the largest and smallest size book you can produce?

A: We can machine-bind hard cover books from 4" up to 15" width and height. Beyond that, we offer manual binding. The sky is the limit!

Q: How do I import books into the US and how long does it take for my books to ship?

A: We handle of all import issues. No action of any kind is required on your part. The quotation we offer includes to-your-door delivery. Sometimes delays are caused and costs are incurred due to US Customs inspections. This is beyond our control and charges will be the responsibility of the final customer. We manage ocean freight, custom clearance and land-bridge transportation. You should expect 5-6 weeks from completion of the project to delivery to your final destination. At times we have also airlifted copies for trade shows or other special occasions. While it takes 2-3 days to receive an air shipment, it is very expensive and should be avoided if possible.

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Q: What are the payment terms?

A: We require a 50% down payment with each order. Upon completion of the project, we will forward three copies to your office for inspection. If the work meets your approval, we invoice you for the balance. Upon receipt of your payment the shipping documents are released and the project begins its journey to your final destination. Some import fees may be incurred that are not anticipated and these will be charged separately. Printed matter is imported into the US duty-free.

Q: Do you charge for overruns?

A: HeuleGordon, Inc follows industry standards and bills for the actual quantity produced, which can vary up to 10%of thhe confirmed quantity (plus or minus).

Q: With this up-front payment, how can I trust you will deliver?

A: HeuleGordon, Inc. has been in business since 1984 and has operated internationally since 1992. Our continued success in business can be attributed to our integrity and desire for excellence.

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Q: What happens if the value of the currency changes between quote and order?

A: Quotations are subject to change due to changes in material and labor cost as well as currency fluctuations. However, once the Sales Agreement is signed, we lock in the price and preclude further price fluctuations if the pre-press materials are received within 30 days of this date.

Q: Are the Workers treated fairly in your printing plants?

A: Yes, we have inspected our partner plants for worker safety and well-being. We do not work with companies who employ underage workers or whose facilities lack adequate safety precautions.

Q: Can we print religious books in mainland China?

A: Yes, we have printed many books of religious content inside China. Special permits are no longer required.

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