Book Marketing Services

Many museums and institutions debate whether to self-publish or retain a publisher to market their book.

InnerWorkings™. offers the following support:

Email campaigns
This is ideal for museum and institution clients who maintain a member/donor/patron database with email listing. Email lists can also be rented. Our service allows you to send an attractive email blast introducing your new book.

Cost is $400.00 for the design of the email window +$.02 per address emailed + $.15 for each click-through to your website (one charge per address only, no matter how many pages and how many times they visit).

We will provide you with detailed feedback on this effort. We will know which recipients opened the email (and when), which links they clicked through and when. We will know which addresses were undeliverable and why. We can experiment with different tag lines to see which tag offers the better click-through rate.

Our campaigns are optimized for delivery. Our system tracks most spam filters. Each campaign is thoroughly tested for optimal delivery and meets legal requirements for unsolicited email.

If data are available, we can offer a high degree of personalization in the email window (Dear [First Name], …)

Mini Web Page
Web pages specifically for your book are $200 per page + images (stock photo license fee, book photography, create page pdf’s, optimize furnished images for web. – cost will vary) These pages can be added to your existing site or it can be a free-standing website.

We can add a simple shopping cart for on-line ordering of your book (additional cost)

Direct Mail Campaign/ design space advertising
We offer cost-effective postcards, brochures, etc. and offer full-service mailing service to minimize postage. We can also assist you with the design of space advertising in specialty magazines.

Submission to
We can assist you to make your book available via

Assistance in Selling Licensing Rights
Some titles lend themselves for co-editions with specialty publishers and foreign language publishers. These arrangements are brokered at the major national and international bookfairs. If there is enough interest, a representative from InnerWorkings™ can represent our clients at these affairs.

For additional information, please contact Carl Heule via email or call 616-458-8284.